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Web Development

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Web Development

Full Stack
& Development

Our Full stack development is a big process which will cover development of custom website suitable for Personal and Business purposes. Written with experience and on latest technology.

Web Consulting
& Expertise

You don’t have to figure it out on your own! We will help with your unique request.


Developing fully responsive web UI for your website or Dashboard on various latest and fastest technologies.


Designing and developing Custom REST APIs, Databases depending on customer needs.

Search Engine

Optimize your website for search engines. Google Analytics optimization.


Bring your designs to life. Figma, Adobe XD or any other place you have your design we can bring it to life! We will take care of your UI, make it fully responsive on any device.

Fixing & Optimizing

Is it slow? How can it be fixed? We can make it all happen! We will review you current site and provide detailed information about what can be done.

Web Security

Secure your websites using EMC2 Firewall. Recover hacked websites and clean "trojans". Clean website sources.

AI & Data Science

BIG Data Analytics

Big data analytics can improve business-related outcomes. Big data will help your business in more effective marketing, unique revenue opportunities, customer personalization and improved operational efficiency.

Database Engineering

Databases take a big part in big/medium business success. We can provide support for your current database, we can create and engineer custom database for you!



EMC2 research team decided to create custom e-learning system. EMC2 LMS is created for Georgian Technical University. With EMC2 LMS institutuional organizations can easily manage students, courses and finances.

Moodle Experts

All Moodle Powered learning management systems, which were created by our team are on demand in Georgia's higher educational space.

Web Quality Assurance (QA)

Website Security & Audit

How strong is your website? We will do many penetration tests and we will grade it’s preformance for you for future updates.

Cloud Services

Where you keep your data is important. We offer 99 % uptime hosting service. Have a Secure and well organized environment for your progressive web app and also storage!

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